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July 24, 2012
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Zoe application by DontShoottheDucks Zoe application by DontShoottheDucks

Dorm: Pearl :bulletwhite:

Name: Zoe Oonishi
Age: 17
Gender: female
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 105 lbs.
Orientation: bi

She comes from an upper middle class family, and is trained very well in ballet and incorporates the moves/agility into her fighting style, and is able to wield a spear as a weapon. Her maternal grandmother was also a monochromatic. Because of this, she was very close to her grandmother and learned dark magic from her. Her parents tried whatever they could to have the best for Zoe and her younger brother. However, a few years ago, her parents divorced, and she now lives with her mother while her brother lives with her father. They still keep in contact frequently.

She often had trouble fitting in at other demon schools. because being Monochromatic is rare, she was often picked on. Hurt, she turned to homeschooling until her mother found out about MC-Aacademy. Although money is a little tight, her mother is willing to pay an arm and a leg to get Zoe into this school and finally make some friends.

Her abilities with black magic have always been decent. It's assumed this was inherited from her grandmother, as no one else in the family is overly good at it.

When she turned 12 her mother had told her that boys would only want to get into her pants, and therefore she shouldn't wear anything revealing or too form-fitting. She usually wears hoodies. She still tries to be feminine, however.
All in all, she had a decent childhood, with nothing overly special (except that her grandmother died in a freak fishing accident). She hopes to make more interesting memories at MC-Academy.

Personality: She is normally quiet, and seemingly cold. Once someone is allowed to get close (all you have to do is be nice), she is shy, but very open and kind. She's a little more of a follower but can hold her own if needed. If angered, she can be a bit immature. Normally she will probably ignore the person who angered her until she gets over it. She'd much rather avoid conflict.

Skills: Black magic, super speed, spear combat

Weaknesses: she's terrible with any weapon that isn't spear-like. She tends to be hasty rather than think in battle, feeling this would end it faster. Her hand to hand combat skill is low but not non-existent.

Likes: She enjoys ballet very much and will practice it for stress relief. She also enjoys music. She likes to walk through gardens and is very pleased to know that MC Academy has one specifically for her kind so that she can actually sit and enjoy the outdoors, rather than injure herself when trying to touch the flowers. She likes spicy food.

Dislikes: Rude/close-minded people. Hot weather. She doesn't like deep water because she doesn't swim well. She also hates hard candy and peppermint flavored things.

Classes: Dark Arts, P.E./Strength Training, Weapons, Dance
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